Cadbury Creme Egg 5 Packs

Cadbury Creme Egg 5 Packs
Cadbury Creme Egg 5 Packs

Cadbury Creme Egg 5 Packs

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The original Cadbury Creme Egg, a milk chocolate shell with soft fondant center.


If you're a Cadbury Creme Egg superfan, then you probably already know that Cadbury is a company based in the United Kingdom, and Cadbury Creme Eggs are extremely popular in the U.K. — probably more popular there than they are here. One reason for that might be because there is actually a difference in the Cadbury Creme Eggs you find in America, and those you find in the U.K. 

The New York Times explains that, for one thing, chocolate made in Britain has a higher fat content. If you look closely, you'll notice that the first ingredient in a British Cadbury Dairy Milk is milk. If you look at an American-made Cadbury bar, the first ingredient is sugar. Sugar might be sweet and delicious, but it's the milk that's going to give chocolate that extra creamy taste. The Times author wrote that after tasting both bars, the British bars were indeed better, writing, "The British Dairy Milk was slightly fudgier, allowing for a creamier taste and texture. The American Dairy Milk bar left a less pleasing coating and somewhat of a stale aftertaste."

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